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CNC – Climate Neutral CAP

Project description

Climate Neutral CAP (CNC) is an annual project (1st August 2020 – 31st July 2021) promoted by Kyoto Club and co-funded by the European Commission – Directorate General AGRI (Agriculture and Rural Development).

The reference context of the project is the post-2020 CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) of the European Commission for climate resilience and soil protection.


The overall objective of the action is to improve information level of the CAP’s benefits for social, economic and environmental dimension of EU territory, especially among young people of urban areas.

Specific objectives are to:

  1. speed up the dissemination of CAP’s news and measures for rural economy, society and environment to the political representatives/NGOs of agricultural sector and EU citizens, too;
  2. raise awareness among students from urban areas about the CAP for a healthy lifestyle, organic food, climate resilience and soil protection;
  3. increase awareness among agrifood stakeholders, especially young entrepreneurs, about truthfulness of the CAP’s information and measures for the EU organic farming, sustainable development, climate resilience and soil protection.

CNC – Climate Neutral CAP is a project implemented in all Italian regions, replicable in all European areas.

The project plans to introduce innovative aspects in promoting the CAP’s objectives thanks to the involvement of young farmers, in order to start a dialogue on the critical issues of the integration of rural areas and to collect proposals to find intelligent solutions to be proposed to Regional governments.

The expected project impact include: increase of students in urban areas, who will choose to continue their education deepening agricultural topics; more politicians/NGOs will see in their territory the chance of implementing the CAP measures to enrich it; a greater awareness about CAP contributions for EU farmers will increase competition and the quality of the proposals presented by entrepreneurs.


Project activities are:

  • Kick-off meeting: Project launch conference in Rome.
  • 20 thematic webinars: webinars to raise public awareness of the contribution of the CAP to environmental sustainability and climate resilience and the potentials of organic agriculture.
  • Show cooking workshop: evening seminar aimed at entrepreneurs, in particular young farmers interested in the food and wine sector. It will be a moment of discussion on the opportunities offered by the CAP for organic agriculture and it will be an opportunity to network. It will also be an opportunity to learn to cook! In fact, useful information on the characteristics of the organic ingredients that will be used by a chef, who will prepare meals based on organic products.
  • Seminars: tour of classrooms seminars in the agricultural high schools / university departments (one seminar in each Italian region), where the opportunities offered by the CAP will be addressed and where students’ proposals for the CAP future will be collected.
  • Final event: final conference at the European Parliament where the results and proposals of the CNC project will be presented.

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