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Per la decarbonizzazione: efficienza energetica e riscaldamento negli edifici in Italia

The problem: Buildings are responsible for approximately 40% of EU energy consumption and 36% of the greenhouse gas emissions. Buildings are therefore the single largest energy consumer in Europe. At present, about 35% of the EU’s buildings are over 50 years old and almost 75% of the building stock is energy inefficient. At the same time, only about 1% of the building stock is renovated each year. Renovation of existing buildings can lead to significant energy savings, as it could reduce the EU’s total energy consumption by 5-6% and lower CO2 emissions by about 5%.

The challenge is to start the phase out the use of fossil fuels in residential buildings, starting from Italy, on the basis of the recent unprecedented energy efficiency measures approved by the Italian Government and hopefully using the Italian example to be beneficial also for the other EU national contexts.

The project, started in October 2020 and scheduled to continue until September 2021, jointly run together with Legambiente, aims at:

  1. Build a coalition of relevant stakeholders in Italy from the business community, local authorities, unions and others on the topic of residential heat de-carbonization, with a view to advocate for de-carbonization of residential heating.
  2. Priority topics for this coalition will be:
    1. Advocacy towards the Italian Government, Parliament and at the EU level, to amend the current 110% tax credit scheme, to revise the Ecodesign and Energy Labeling legislation on heating boilers, to ensure that no subsidy schemes for fossil fuel heating are included in the Italian Recovery Plans and renewable based heating is included.
    2. A ban on fossil fuel heating for new buildings as a logical, ambitious follow-up of the NZEB requirements in the EPBD Directive, also taking advantage of the work carried out by the BPIE, Building Performance Institute Europe.
    3. Phasing out fossil fuel heating boilers through Ecodesign regulation and a revision of the Energy Label for heating boilers.
    4. Campaign to exclude fossil fuel heating systems from the new Italian 110% tax credit.
    5. Enhance the role digitalization measures may play.
  3. Actively participate in the informal ECF-led platform Heating Hub.

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