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Thematic Working Groups are a peculiarity of the Kyoto Club.
Each Working Group deals with specific issues with the aim of developing principles and policy proposals to support the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol and post-Kyoto commitments, in Italy and the EU.

The European Council’s 2030 climate and energy package, the European Parliament and Commission’s proposals, the COP 21 Paris Agreement and the COP 22 decisions in Marrakech, will offer further inputs for the activities of the Working Groups.

Some of the Groups are technical, others crosscutting as they tend to involve areas covered by other Working Groups. The attempt is to contribute to a growing interaction among various research aspects to elaborate, for Members and institutions, always more relevant contributions to achieve the Kyoto and post-Kyoto objectives.

In order to provide to its Members services more closely linked to their technical and training needs to better face the challenges posed to civil society by climate changes, a new Working Group, dealing with “Environmental Multi-labelling”, has been set up in January 2015.

The thematic Working Groups, comprising leading Italian specialists, aim at developing international relations, to contribute, on hand, Kyoto Club experiences, while, on the other, learning from relevant developments from colleagues and partners in other countries.

Our working groups:

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