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Circular economy

The “Circular economy” Working Group (WG), formerly called “Recovery and Recycling”, created in 2004, promotes research to explore and detail the eco-efficiency potentialities of circular economy within production processes, materials and energy and to favor the rationalization of flows by progressively increasing communication and joint decisions among the main European actors active in recycling.


Carlo Montalbetti, Comieco - Consorzio Nazionale Recupero e Riciclo degli Imballaggi a base Cellulosica


To promote research on the eco-efficiency potentials of circular economy within production flows of materials and energy.


The WG's activity has developed in 2012, with the scientific support by the research institute Ambiente Italia, through the updating of the recycling sector and its materials study. The result has been the publication of the third volume "The eco-efficient recycling". In 2013 and 2014 the new evidence has been part of the Symbola Foundation and Unioncamere's Greenitaly annual reports.

The previous two pieces of work had shown the industrial dimension of the recovery and recycling sector, its energy, climate and environmental impact and the integration of recycling and waste management strategies. The third edition has documented that the industrial recycling has become a fundamental component of the Italian and European green economy.

The report, published in March 2012, has been promoted by the following consortia for the recovery and recycling of various materials:

  • CIAL, Aluminum Packaging Consortium.
  • COMIECO, National Cellulose-based Packaging Recovery and Recycling Consortium.
  • CNA, National Steel Packaging Recycling Consortium.
  • CONAI, National Packaging Consortium.
  • COREPLA, National Plastic Waste and Packaging Recovery and Recycling Consortium.
  • RILEGNO, National Wood Packaging Recovery and Recycling Consortium.
  • The report has been presented in a public event with the participation of the Environment Minister Corrado Clini in April 2012. A presentation has followed at the European Parliament last November 28.

The 2012 "Eco-efficient recycling"

edited by the Istituto Ambiente Italia, Duccio Bianchi

Executive Summary (PDF)

Working group activities include:

  • Circulation of new research data to raise awareness about the contribution the recovery and recycling sectors may offer to the growth of the green economy.
  • Participation in the European week for the reduction of waste.
  • Involvement in the WG of consortia, associations and other organizations dealing with recovery and recycling

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