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Renewable energy sources

Renewable energy sources (RES) will have a growing weight in the global energy mix and will play a fundamental role for the energy transition towards a low greenhouse gases emissions system offering new economic development opportunities.

The Renewable energy sources Working Group aims at contributing to the creation of the most favourable conditions to reach national and EU targets, through awareness-raising initiatives, training and information events with citizens, business companies, NGOs, local and national institutions.


Marco Ronchi e Valentino Ruzzon


  • To inform and raise the awareness of institutions, companies, and the public opinion on the role of renewable energy sources in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reaching the 2030 targets set by Italy’s PNIEC, the Energy and Climate National Plan and by the EU Green Deal.
  • To show the greenhouse gas emissions reduction potentials offered by technologies using renewable energy sources (sun, wind, from biomasses, water, and the sea, geothermal) as substitutes to fossil ones.
  • To support Members in defining strategies for the emissions reductions within the guidelines agreed at the EU level and the European incentives for the sector.
  • To implement the renewable source potentials in terms of supply security, saving in costs and emission reduction.
  • To contribute to the removal of technical obstacles, specifically in authorisation procedures and connections to distribution grids and nets, for new renewable energy source installations.



  1. Mini-wind energy production opportunities
  2. Schools for Kyoto educational projects.

 Studies and research

  1. On the potentials of renewable energy sources production in Italy, as well as by future EU obligations.
  2. How to best reach the Italian 2030 energy and climate targets.
  3. Strategic support to regional governments and local authorities towards the 2050 targets set for Italy (in co-operation with the other Kyoto Club Working Groups).


Towards Italian national, regional, and local and Governments to implement policy decisions and plans in favour of renewable energy sources.

Meetings with Members, conferences, and seminars

Regular online and in person events, within the fairs & exhibitions in which Kyoto Club is invited to attend – such as the Rimini K.EY KeyEnergy and Ecomondo fairs; ZeroEmission in Rome and MCE in Milan - on the state-of-the-art of RES technologies and priorities to be pursued.

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