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The Kyoto protocol and local governments

To face climate changes, the EU has approved the 20-20-20 targets and, with the Roadmap 2050 perspective, the energy and climate package 2030. Within this framework best practices in planning and converting outdated energy modes of production take on a new meaning. The required changes offer unprecedented chances to modernize national economies, starting from the very local levels, heading towards a future in which technology and society are being “modeled” around new ways to use available resources and innovation is creating new growth and occupation opportunities.

Local governments and municipalities are called to play a key role to address, promote and support energy policies, implementing locally the engagements agreed also by the Italian government in Brussels.

Our WG aims at supporting Members, and all local authorities willing to do so, with future-oriented energy decisions through the dissemination of best practices in the sectors of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, thus also helping reduce the costs currently incurred by local public administrations.

On the other hand we will stimulate local governments and municipalities working with us to cut CO2 emissions in their public buildings and to promote awareness-raising campaigns towards their citizens, so that they may take on personal responsibilities in defending the environment in their daily lives.


Giuseppe Gamba


  • To support the implementation of urban / local energy efficiency plans.
  • To promote the energy analysis of public buildings owned by the local municipalities and governments.
  • To foster innovative energy saving funding solutions by local governments.
  • To favour initiatives in the private building sector through the revision of existing building rules and procedures.
  • To raise awareness - of citizens, producers, installers, wholesalers and retailers, companies and trade unions - on the need for the proper use of energy resources, in homes as well as in public buildings.
  • To inform local governments and Members on the potentials of renewables and energy efficiency and on the incentives available locally and nationally.
  • To disseminate successful achievements by local governments and municipalities in Italy and abroad.
  • To help with the organisation of info days and events.


  • Two national conferences:
    • at Solarexpo on innovative experiences to boost energy efficiency at the local level.
    • at Ecomondo / KeyEnergy on the role local authorities may play to reach the EU 2030 energy and climate targets.
  • Increased involvement in the Stop-Land-Use initiatives, with possible synergies with INU - the national urban planning institute, the CARIPLO Foundation and Legambiente Lombardia.
  • Participation in the Climate Working Group of the Local Agenda 21 Co-ordination.
  • Promotion of the Kyoto Club activities in the AzzeroCO2 projects.

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