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The Working Group “Finance” aims at supporting all the other Kyoto Club Working Groups and Members to identify financial products which are suitable for the development of relevant concrete initiatives. The WG aims also at stimulating credit institutions to become more and more aware of the opportunities offered by all those new economic sectors linked to the Kyoto Protocol


Patrizia Pizzini


The Working Group "Finance" in conjunction with the other similar working groups aims to promote a financial and market visions, by providing support for the birth of new financial products and to create a dialogue between these groups about the financial and credit sectors. It also aims at stimulating the public sector to proactively interact with the private sector to create mechanisms and incentives supporting efficient markets in the various green economy fields.

It is increasingly necessary to give the message that the objectives of the Kyoto Protocol are a concrete opportunity for a sustainable growth. Public sector (regulations, incentives, contributions) must be supported as soon as possible by a massive enterprise and private financial intervention, so that the public resources can be used for longer-term projects, which are often difficult to develop.

In addition the Working Group will be responsible for directing finance and enterprise towards a sustainable business, identifying the "Golden Rules" in the sector.

Measures taken by the government over the years stimulated a greater use of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency systems, but there is still a lot to do, especially in other areas of possible intervention for the achievement of the objectives of the Kyoto Protocol and the post-Kyoto process.


  1. Joint meetings with the other WGs to plan common initiatives.
  2. Support to the other WGs' activities through the support by banking and financial institutions for those topics matching their interests.
  3. Study of "best practices" and success stories, particularly in Italy and in the EU, with regard to the creation, thanks to the private and public sectors' co-operation, of efficient markets.
  4. Lobbying towards the national Government and the other relevant bodies to reach faster and safer bankability for renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.
  5. Promotion, together with the "Kyoto protocol and local authorities" WG, of ad hoc financial products with the local governments to develop their engagement in renewable energies and energy efficiency investments at the local level.
  6. Participation in Italian and foreign fairs, also through the organization of conferences to which invite the other WGs.

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