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eLabel! multilabel

On the basis of the Type 1 international standard UNI EN ISO 14024, Kyoto Club has created the environmental label eLabel!.

The eLabel! aim is to promote demand and offer of products creating the least possible damage to the environment: the idea being the contribution to and support of on-going environmental improvement processes, fostered by the market through the communication of accurate, verifiable and not mis-leading information on the products’ environmental impact (UNI EN ISO 14020, § 3).

Type 1 labels pursue the goal to contribute to the reduction of the environmental impacts associated to products and the eLabel! specificity is the disclosure of the &environmental criteria considered and of their quantitative and qualitative values, a so-called “speaking Type 1” label. This information is made available to consumers via the Kyoto Club website, with the possibility to indicate criteria directly on the product, either with a minimum of three criteria, which are common to all the labels belonging to a same category, or with the indication of all the criteria used.


Annalisa Corrado

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