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Greening corporate fleets: an industrial and social policy for Europe

The EU should not miss this chance to secure a rapid shift to electromobility through a corporate fleets mandate. Read Transport & Environment position paper.

7 May 2024

Also available in Italian  

T&E position paper (PDF) on the European Commission public consultation.

With the new CO2 emission standards for cars, vans, and trucks set in stone, Europe’s automotive industry is on a pathway towards 100% zero-emission vehicles (ZEV). Creating strong demand over the coming years across the Union will be key in making this transition successful. In February 2024, the European Commission opened a public consultation on Greening Corporate Fleets and if the EU should set mandatory ZEV targets for this market. Large fleets present a huge opportunity to boost demand for made-in-EU ZEVs, generate investments in the EU’s battery supply chain, and accelerate the much needed emission cuts in the transport sector in a socially fair manner.

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