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Energy efficiency and decentralised energy: Australia’s first summer school

A three day, informal residential event set on the shores of Sydney’s spectacular Manly Beach. Internationally, the Summer Study program is an ‘institution’, running for 30 years in the US and 16 years in Europe, organised by Australian Alliance to Save Energy (A2SE) partners.

3 November 2011

<p>The <b>Summer Study</b> is an international 'institution', running for 30 years in the US and 16 years in Europe. These are organised by <b>Australian Alliance to Save Energy (A2SE)</b> endorsing partners – The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (<a href="">ACEEE</a>) and its European counterpart the <a href="">ECEEE</a>. These are sell out events renowned for bringing together leaders in energy efficiency from government, politics, academia, private sector and NGOs.</p><p><b>Who should participate?</b><br />All energy efficiency, demand management and distributed energy practitioners and stakeholders from:</p><p><ul><li>Government</li><li>Academia</li><li>NGOs</li><li>Energy suppliers</li><li>End users - all sectors</li><li>Regulators</li><li>Media - as participants and reporters</li></ul></p><p>The <b>program</b> balances formal presentations by international experts with informal working sessions while allowing ample time for networking and collaboration. The relaxed, informal live-in format allows for in-depth discussions to develop across the event. Proven to be a great environment for cross fertilising ideas and making lasting connections, Summer Study delegates return year after year.</p><p><br /><b>Australia's First Energy Efficiency 'Summer Study' SYDNEY, 29 February - 2 March 2012</b></p><p><a href="">Registration</a><br />Early bird closes 13 Jan 2012 </p><p>For more information: <br /><a href="">Australian Alliance to Save Energy</a> </p><p><br /></p>

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