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EU-ASE Manifesto 2024-2029: Prioritizing Energy System Efficiency for a Competitive and Sustainable Europe

The decisions by the next European Parliament and EU Commission will shape the European GreenDeal's future. In EU-ASE manifesto, ahead of the European Election 2024, Alliance calls for action on energy efficiency and FitFor55.

3 April 2024

Also available in Italian  

As we approach the European Election in June 2024, we stand at a critical juncture. The decisions made by the next European Parliament and Commission will profoundly shape the trajectory of the European Green Deal.  

After the completion of the Fit For 55 legislation package, the challenge is now to implement it effectively to significantly contribute to our climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts.

At the European Alliance to Save Energy (EU-ASE), we believe that a climate-neutral Europe by 2050 hinges upon substantially reducing our energy need and prioritizing energy system efficiency as the cornerstone of our transition to a sustainable energy landscape characterized by the synergic combination between energy efficiency solutions, renewable energy sources and demand side flexibility.

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