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Survey for Animation Content

The survey for a video on environmental education launched by the ELN network.

31 March 2021

As 44 non-governmental organizations and local administrations working in the field of environmental education, we established the Global Literacy Network (KOZA). Our goal is to strengthen the cooperation in the field of environmental education and contribute to the growth of environmentally literate individuals in Turkey. For this purpose, we organize various activities, including ecological literacy and climate literacy trainings.

This year, we want to develop an animation video for young people over the age of 12 on climate change, environmental sustainability and biodiversity conservation and to spread it digitally. Our aim is to raise awareness on these issues and to encourage behavioral change. We request the support of young climate activists to determine the content of the video.

The “Environmental Literacy Networking Project” is a project implemented by Yuva Association (Turkey) and Kyoto CLub (Italy) within the European Union Civil Society Facility and Media - Support to Civil Society Networks and Platforms in Turkey.

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