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Environmental Literacy Network (ELN) final conference

Oggi, venerdì 15 settembre 2023, e Istanbul si è tenuta la conferenza finale del progetto ELN.

15 September 2023

Also available in Italian  

During the conference, attended by Kyoto Club, was discussed the topic of environmental sustainability education in the world and in Turkey, in order to reflect on solutions for formal and non-formal education.

The final part of the meeting, focused on the future of ELN, was organized in parallel. In a specific session, the participants discussed the steps that can be taken as an ELN at the national level. In the other one, it have been explored the possible moves to be made as an international network from a broader perspective.

The objective of the conference was to shape the future of ELN for a constructive exchange of ideas on both levels.

Environmental Literacy Networking (ELN) is a project co-financed by the European Union, within the EuropeAid program dedicated to international cooperation. The project leader is the Turkish association Yuva, Kyoto Club is a partner. Among the associated partners from Italy there is also the Municipality of Bologna-Environmental Sustainability Office.

Program (pdf)

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