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2nd International Congress on Sustainable Life

The main focus will be “Sustainability in the time of COVID-19”. The Congress will take place on 19-20 March 2021.

Online event

Within the main theme of the "Sustainability in the time of COVID-19”, we are honored to invite you to the 2nd International Sustainable Living Congress.

The Congress, organized by Sustainable Life Association, encourages to share of scientific studies, practices and experiences of the participants and contributes to the creation of new fields of study and projects with the cooperation between different disciplines.

As we focus on tackling the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects, we invite people who want to contribute to sustainable living from non-governmental organizations, universities, professional organizations, public institutions and organizations, national and international organizations, our beloved students, all our participants in different disciplines to our e-congress which also allows us to consider ways to prevent the recurrence of such a crisis in the future and we would like to state that we will be honored and pleased to see you among us.

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