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6 marzo 2013

BioPlastics: a case study of Bioeconomy in Italy in the light of Horizon 2020

On 6th March 2013, from 2.30 p.m., the European Parliament will host the Conference "Bioplastics: A case study of Bioeconomy in Italy in the light of Horizon 2020", organised by the Kyoto Club with the endorsement of the Italian Ministry for the Environment.


European Parliament, Room József Antall (6Q1)

with the endorsement of
the Italian Ministry for the Environment

The Conference aims to showcase the solid bioeconomy potential of Italy and the contribution of forward looking market pull measures for bio-based products in triggering both new investments in innovative biorefineries and social benefits in terms of waste prevention and sustainable consumption patterns amongst citizens. Through the presentation of the tangible Italian example, the event intends to demonstrate that resource efficiency is not only a strategic necessity for Europe, but also an economic opportunity capable of restoring regional growth in areas being affected by crisis.

The event will be opened by MEP Amalia Sartori, Chair of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy of the European Parliament, and will see the participation of other prominent speakers such as Corrado Clini, the current Italian Minister for Environment, the President of Kyoto Club Catia Bastioli and high level representatives of Italian and EU Institutions, as well as of Associations operating in the field of bioeconomy and waste management. It will be also the occasion to present the new book "Bioplastics: A case study of Bioeconomy in Italy. A smart chemistry for a smarter life in a smarter planet", published by the Kyoto Club.

Please find enclosed the draft programme of the Conference.

allegato Bioplastics: a case study of Bioeconomy in Italy (pdf)

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