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2-4 maggio 2012

Liechtenstein Congress on Sustainable Development and Responsible Investing 2012

Liechtenstein, 2 - 4 Maggio 2012

Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Awaken by environmental, energy, financial, and political challenges the global economy is transforming fast, from short-term thinking and a systemic reliance on non-renewable resources, to building an innovative, just, sustainable and prosperous future, manifested in sustainable assets, healthy communities and social equity.

Since 2008 the Liechtenstein Congress provides an international platform for practical research and informed practice in Sustainable Development and Responsible Investing, guided by effective policy and enlightened by a deep sense of responsibility.

This year we will present and discuss a) the role of foundations in the larger frame of financial institutions and their responsible investment paths, b) economically viable urban and landscape systems and buildings designed for a small ecological footprint, and c) sustainability oriented business models and process systems.

The Congress combines three independent but connected conferences:

Responsible investing for foundations, individuals and institutions
May 2 2012

Renewable City: Architecture, property and infrastructure
May 3 2012

Responsible business and information systems
May 4 2012

Featured Speakers:

Lord Anthony Giddens
Professor, London School of Economics

Jeremy Leggett
CEO, Solar Century

Christa Velasquez
Initiative for Responsible Investment, The Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organisations, Harvard University

John Byrne
Director, Centre for Energy and Environment Policy, University of Delaware

Christoph Sutter
CEO & Chairman, South Pole Carbon Asset Management Ltd

Olaf Weber
Director Environmental Affairs, KfW Bankengruppe

Stefan Behnisch
Principal, Behnisch Architekten, Stuttgart, Munich, Boston, Los Angeles

Ingela Lindh
Director, Urban Development, Stockholm

Manfred Hegger
Professor of Design and Energy Efficient Building, Technical University Darmstadt

Ingela Lindh
Director, Urban Development, Stockholm

Françoise Hélène Jourda
Principal, Jourda Architectes, Paris

and 50 more international experts!

Per informazioni: http://www.uni.li/li-congress

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