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Green transition impossible without ‘blue economy’, EU says

The transition to a greener, more sustainable economy will be impossible without the support of industries based around the ocean and coasts – known as the blue economy – according to the European Commission.

6 May 2021

“There can be no Green Deal without a sustainable blue economy. They are deeply interconnected,” said the EU’s environment commissioner Virginijus Sinkevičius at a EURACTIV debate last week.

“The blue economy is a very dynamic sector full of innovation potential, which is essential to make such transformation happen,” added Sinkevičius, who is in charge of environment, oceans and fisheries at the European Commission.

The Lithuanian politician highlighted different areas of the blue economy that can help deliver the EU Green Deal, citing sustainable fishing practices, the recycling of disused offshore platforms and, vitally, ocean energy.

“Twenty years from now, ocean energy will be powering most of the EU,” said Sinkevičius. “We already have the plans in place that will lead to quintupling of offshore wind within the next 10 years. That’s not just the vision, it’s already happening. And we will go to 25 times the current capacity by 2050.”


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