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A new, climate-innovation led industrial strategy for Europe

Europe is an undisputed global leader in clean technologies like offshore wind. But to ensure European companies and workers can compete in a global economy that will be increasingly fuelled by climate innovations, much more needs to be done, argue Peter Sweatman and Thomas Pellerin-Carlin.

1 March 2021

In his just-released book, Bill Gates says that to avoid a climate disaster, the world in the next 30 years will need scientific breakthroughs, technological innovation and global cooperation on a scale never before seen. Gates also calls upon the Biden administration to increase the U.S. federal budget for climate and clean energy research to $35 billion a year.

For policymakers in Brussels, many of whom will be gathering this week at the European Union’s flagship conference on EU industry, that begs a question: What is Europe doing to win this new clean tech innovation race to the top?

As co-chairs of a growing network of more than a dozen organisations focused on climate-related research and innovation policy in the European Union, we can say that the answer is ‘a lot but not nearly enough’.


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