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Kyoto Club presented the monitoring report of the SCSD-SD project in Izmir.

On 12 September Kyoto Club presented the monitoring report, edited by the association, on European legislation on environmental sustainability in Izmir. The event took place within the framework of “Sustainable Civil Society Dialogue for Sustainable Development”, a project that aims to support an effective dialogue with Turkish civil society on the topic of environment.

16 September 2019

Renewables, energy efficiency, biodiversity protection, climate action and circular economy. These were the main topics that were discussed on September 12, 2019 in Izmir, during the monitoring workshop held within the framework of the Sustainable Civil Society Dialogue for Sustainable Development (SCSD-SD), a project co-financed by the 'European Union (EU) and which has as its partner Kyoto Club and Çevreci Enerji Derneği (Environmental Energy Association).

During the event, Kyoto Club presented a preview of the monitoring report, a study about the European legislation on environmental and climatic sustainability, with the aim of raising awareness of the European Union's action for environmental protection and commitment to reducing emissions.

The seminar was attended by representatives and members of universities, CSOs, public authorities and companies. Furthermore, during the workshops, have been exposed Turkey's progress in environmental legislation. SCSD-SD is held within the framework of the Civil Society Dialogue - V program, which supports initiatives dedicated to the exchange of knowledge and experiences on issues of interest common to Turkish and EU civil society.

The specific objectives of each activity are: to increase bilateral exchanges and long-term cooperation between Turkey and Italy in the environmental sector; promoting awareness-raising initiatives on the importance and benefits of sustainable development; spread good practices that respect the climate and the environment.

Download the event promotion poster

Download the preview presentation of the "Monitoring report" by Giacomo Pellini and Marco Alongi (Kyoto Club)

Download the presentation "Progress of the EU environmental package" by Nuri Azbar (Ege University, Department of Bioengineering)

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